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Science Week 27th June - 1st July 2016

Our theme is 'space', not just outer space but space in the widest sense of the world.  It could be travelling through a space or spaces where creatures live.  As well as our class activities, we have had visitors from NTS and the science magic of Professor Pumpernickel to amaze and entertain us.

There are loads of different types of space. Open Space, Built Space, Outer Space, The Space Bar, and even Personal space. In science week, we learnt about space. Well, not really, but the THEME was space. Kinda..... laugh

Prof. Pumpernickle came in to show us the world of science and risked his life to shoot confetti at the audience and what the most special thing was that he done science and he made a fire tornado and created magic fire that went on his hand and went woozam ! 

We did a science selfie competition, where we had to take a selfie enjoying science, or doing something sciencey. If that's even word. We also dressed up as a scientist and had a competition. I didn't win.wink the prize was a chocolate bar. A pretty big one too. Its a shame i didn't get it. But hey. I eat too much already :O