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Class 1

Birds and Bugs

Under the Sea

Summer Term Planning Reception and Year 1

Dino Park

Class 1 have had so much fun learning about dinosaurs, that we have decided to extend it for a further two weeks!

What could it be?

This half term our topic is Dinosaurs.

We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes.

Spring Term

This half term our topic is focusing on ‘Kings and Queens’ and will include learning about the royal family, designing a  menu for a medieval banquet, learning some facts about Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. Children will explore weighing different ingredients whilst making fairy cakes that we shall eat at our Royal ball.

The children had lots of fun at Carlisle Castle and Tullie House today.

The Royal Ball

Whoops-a Daisy Angel

Class 1 had a parcel delivered from SANTA!

Inside was a Magic Elf who has been given the job of joining us in Class 1 until the end of term. His job is to watch the children carefully so that he can learn how to behave beautifully. In the past the Magic Elf has been known to get up to Elf mischief. Also in the package was a notebook so that Class 1 can keep a record of any Elf Mischief or good behaviour, so he can have his treat at the North Pole.


Pirate fun...

Class 1 interviewed Peg-Leg Harrison.


Magic Moments

When your child does something magic at home, please let us know by recording it on our ‘Magic Moment’ certificate. All of the 'Magic Moments' sent into school will be displayed on our celebration wall for everyone to see! If you need more certificates sent home then please let us know or you can download a copy from the link below.

We can't wait to read them in class!!

A very special bear came to visit us last Tuesday.

This half term our topic is 'Treasure'.


Happy Halloween

Class 1 have been making some potions for Halloween.

Sarah came back to teach us all about the King of the castle  who hates to lose. If he loses a game of snap he sulks for days. If he can’t beat someone at ‘eye spy’ he won’t speak to them for months and you should have seen the tantrum he had when the  Princess found him first in their game of hide and seek!

Pyjama Drama is lots of fun. We were learning all about Road Safety.

Thank you for your support with our Reading for Pleasure afternoon!

Supporting your child at home

Sam brought her beautiful handmade wedding dress into school. Thank you Sam we all thought it was stunning!

Class 1 had a mysterious parcel left for them in the woods...

Adding is easy when we use cake...

Party Time!

The term has got off to a very busy start...

Autumn 2 Topic Information

Spring Term 1

Spring 2

Coming soon...

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