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Class 1

Welcome back!

Where would you like to go on holiday?
Colour mixing
Mrs Harrison shared our story today.
It was time to say goodbye to our butterflies!

Kiki makes a flower!

"We need more people!"
Thank you Pat, Ruby and Annie!
"We need a middle!"  Thank you Mrs Misselbrook!
"What about a stem?"
Thank you Miss Edwards and Miss Graham - finished!

We love Maths!

We've been on a bear hunt!

Look at our new vegetable patch!

Thank you for your hard work Mr and Mrs Harrison!


Maryport Aquarium

While reception and year 1 children were out at Maryport Aquarium the nursery children had fun with Miss Davies and Mrs Cozens.

What have Class 1 been doing lately?

This week we have been exploring baby animals.
This looks cosy!
We love to make our own experiments in Class 1.
How many spots can you see?
Great colouring!
Look at our Year 1 calculations!
Very creative!
Mother's Day crafts
We counted the shapes together!
Counting in 10s.
Counting in 5s.
Counting in 2s.

Class 1 loved learning about pitch with Miss Davies. Thank you!

What have class 1 been doing lately?

The children worked together to create a game.
Great concentration.
Class 1 had a visitor...
Exploring number to quantity.
Different ways to make 6.

Hannah came into class 1 to introduce herself. We were delighted at the chance of looking inside her vehicle.

Thank you Hannah!

What can you hear?
That sounds loud!
Help me!

We just love to read and write in class 1!

Leapfrog reading... Class 1 have all of the fun!
"Great reading- now run!"
"Jump to the word..."
Building words.
Farmer Duck
Year 1 instruction writing

Key features of a Church

World Book Day


The Gincase

Reading Morning

Thank you for coming into Class 1!

Season's Week

The Royal Ball

Re-telling the story in our storytelling tray.
Look at that crown!
Great concentration!

The Year 1 children made their own set of instructions during a shared writing activity. The reception children put a set of instructions into the correct order and then used these to help them bake. The nursery children helped to mix the ingredients together and obviously the most important part of all...taste the final product!

Look at what we've been up to!

Great homework!
Fantastic gingerbread man.
Look at that palace! Wow!
Run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me...
Shared writing!
Chicken and sweetcorn soup! Yummy!
Great homework!
Great homework!
Thank you for teaching us about Chinese numbers.

This week we have been learning about odd and even numbers.

Today we've been weaving shoes.

Today we had a lovely talk about Chinese New Year. We learned lots of new facts about how people celebrate. Class 1 loved the bright colours and the food looked delicious.

Class 1 would like to say a big THANK YOU to Kunkun!

Beautiful shoes.
Working together to make a dragon.

Outdoor Learning

The children love to draw!
So independent!
The children made a nature tray.
Making number games.
Writing numbers.
Exploring measures.

Coin Recognition

Finding 1p coins.
Finding 1p coins and then buying objects.
'How much does the book cost?'
Making a set amount with different coins.

The Year 1 children have been busy this afternoon!

The children discussed our new topic over afternoon tea and scones. Each week the children are going to vote for the fairy tale that they have enjoyed the most.

Fairy Tale Fun!

Great acting and counting going on in here!
Reception love to make up calculations.
What can you see?
Look at this castle on our lightbox.
Making bear masks.
'This porridge is delicious.'

Phonics Fun!

'Speed writing'
Building words. GREAT work girls!
'Speed reading'

The Reception children have been making castles and describing the shapes that they used.

The Year 1 children worked with Mrs Harrison to find out which material would be best for Cinderella's mop.

How many centimetres long?


Look at this independent work!

Great fire engine!

Look at the tricky calculations that our nursery children have been having fun with!

The reception children worked with Miss Craig to create a story map of Little Red Riding Hood.


The Year 1 children worked together to create story maps. What an imagination they have!


Christmas Time

Carlisle Fire Station


Happy Halloween from Class 1!


Class 1 have been busy making ghosts, pumpkins, spiders, monsters and various potions! We have also been working on our calculation work during our pumpkin bowling game.

Abracadabra now you're a... FROG!
We LOVE exploring inside our dark den!

We have had so much fun sharing books with our new cosy blanket.

Thank you Mrs Harrison!

Handwriting fun!


Super singing class 1!


We went outdoors to explore seasonal changes.

What have Class 1 been up to?

Writing numbers.
Working together to make maps.
Matching numbers to the correct quantity.
Writing sounds.
Fishing for sounds.

Great listening boys and girls!

We used all of the skills that Chris had taught us and applied these in a cricket match.

The Number Fairy sent a letter to Class 1, asking for them to help. Walter the Wizard was going to lose his magic for one hundred years if he couldn't learn to name and describe 2 dimensional shapes. Luckily, class 1 had tons of ideas to help him.

I have one curved side. Which shape am I?

This half term our topic is 'All About Me'.

Reception and Year 1 have been learning cricket skills with Chris.