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Class 1

All about Class 1!


Class 1 is a fun and friendly learning environment, we provide opportunities for children to explore, investigate and learn for themselves alongside guided activities.


Our Class Teacher is Miss Story and Mrs Harrison is our Teaching Assistant. We also have Miss Paisley helping too!


Another exciting topic in Class one is Bears! We have really enjoyed this topic so far - researching many different types of bears, making a bear book full of facts and even attending their very own teddy bear's picnic with Mrs Harrison!

The Great Fire of London

One of the exciting topics we have been learning about in Class 1 is The Great Fire of London. We have looked at all of the events of the fire and we found out how it had started and all of the factors that made it worse. Samuel Pepys is one of the individuals we have looked at in more depth - we even pretended to be him and write a diary as if we were there! Not only that but we have had a trip to Carlisle Fire Station to see the fire engines and find out what they can do.



In Class 1, we have been learning about weight - we have been using scales to compare objects around the classroom and finding out which objects are heavier/ lighter.



We have been learning about money too! We have been using real coins to buy different items and finding out lots of different ways we can make different amounts of money.



We had so much fun learning about Capacity! We explored different containers and used measuring jugs/ cylinders to begin to measure different amounts of water.