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Class 1

All about Class 1!


Class 1 is a fun and friendly learning environment, we provide opportunities for children to explore, investigate and learn for themselves alongside guided activities.


Our Class Teacher is Miss Story and Mrs Harrison is our Teaching Assistant. We also have Miss Paisley helping too!

Our topic this half term: Minibeasts!


In Class 1, we have been learning about plants specifically looking at parts of plants and what their functions are. We have even planted our own seeds!! 

English - Stories and Rhymes 

We have had a lovely morning with the ladies from The Wordsworth Trust - we learnt all about Dove Cottage and Dorothy and William Wordsworth whilst having some fun too! 


Pre- School, Reception and Year 1 have all been busy focusing on our number work - looking at tens and ones, counting objects and more/ less than. 

Spring shape poems! 

Reception and Year 1s have been looking at shape poems this week - specifically lambs, daffodils, chocolate bunnies and chicks! 



As we all worked exceptionally hard on zoom and coped very well with lockdown and not being able to see our friends, we celebrated with a party in Class 1 today! Party games, party food and lots of fun!!

Writing instructions! 

This week Year 1s have been looking at instructions and we had to follow some instructions to make star biscuits- a bit messy but very fun! After we had followed some instructions, we had to write our own! 

Measurement/ Making star biscuits! 

This week in maths Year 1s have been learning how to measure correctly. We used weighing scales to correctly weigh out ingredients for our star biscuits then we have used a ruler to measure some space objects! 

Reception and Pre school Number work! 


Reception and Pre- school have been working extremely hard on their number work - here are some pictures to show you! 





This week in English we have been learning about The Gunpowder Plot and why Bonfire Night is celebrated. Year 1 children have been retelling the story of the Gunpowder Plot and Reception have been writing about what they might see/hear on Bonfire Night. 


As a part of our Celebrations topic, we have been learning about Diwali and have been making Rangoli patterns using coloured rice!! 


Today in Computing, we have been exploring bee bots and algorithms! It has been a challenge for some of us trying to get the bee bots to do what we are telling them to do!! 



We have been looking at Kadinsky's work and painting in the style of him! Some of our younger children had a go at leaf printing too - very exciting! 

Design and Technology

We have been learning how to use a peeler to peel some of our snacks! We have also been making fruit kebabs/ fruit salad and learning how to chop our own fruit. However, we did have to wash and dry our own plates!! 


In school, we have been running a poetry competition to celebrate National Poetry Day. The whole school took part to write poems on Bowness/ our local area to enter into the competition. Here are our Class 1 winners, well done to you four but also well done to everyone who entered too, all of the poems were amazing! 





We have looked at several maths topics this half term including lots of number work, fractions, shape, time and money. 


In Science this half term, we have been learning about different types of materials and have carried out some experiments. One of our most exciting experiments was investigating which material best protected an egg, we predicted and then tested our our ideas. Surprisingly, tin foil was the best material to protect an egg!! 





When our children are not busy learning through guided activities, they have access to a range of areas inside and outside which they love to explore and learn in!



In RE, we have been learning about Christians and what they believe in. As a part of this topic, we went to visit our local to church to look at the features of a church and why some churches may have those features.