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If you need to contact Miss Story, please use this form.

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well?

I know this is again, a strange time for everyone and I understand that parents might have some worries/ concerns so if this is you, don't hesitate to email me with any questions! 


Also, if you could keep hold of the work completed at home, that would be fabulous and if you could take photos of any practical maths and email me them, that would be great too. Feel free to send over pictures of other work too, I would love to see them! 


Topic and Experiment fun! 

I have uploaded a couple of topic work ideas, Science, History and Design Technology to start off with. Don't panic about needing to get it all done in the same day, have a look over it and if you have a free half an hour, give it a go! I found out Neil Armstrong and myself have the same birthday!! 


I have uploaded lots of simple science experiments/ fun activities you could try at home. If you are struggling to think of activities to do, have a look at them! (Scroll down this page, past Reception plans and they are just under Reception plans/ resources) 


BBC Bitesize is excellent for lots of different learning areas for Year 1 English and Maths - I will highlight them on my plans in future too. 

I know that CBBC is running some programmes for primary children starting on Monday 11th if you want to check that out! I also have had a look on BBC bitesize and there are some 'home learning' activities you could give a go too! Here is the link:

As our topic is Space, this might be worth a look! 

Year 1 Plan

Year 1 resources 



Only a couple of subject ideas to begin with - Science, History and Design Technology (making a spaceship - it looks very exciting!) . Have a look and see what you think! 


I have uploaded some power points for Phase 2, 3 and Phase 4 Phonics (the children should know which group they are in but if not, give me an email). The power points vary from reading words and sentences to doing little activities which are quite good to keep recapping and practicing. It is also good for the children to recap the reading words ones because the more times they do it, the less they should be sounding the words out and it builds fluency and confidence when they are reading. 


For my Phase 4 phonics group, I have uploaded some little tasks for each today to keep going with our blends! 


Let me know when you have finished the activities and I can send over some more! 

Reception plan

Fun activities to try at home! 

I have attached several documents that contain lots of lovely activity ideas that you can try at home. I have also found lots of simple science experiments you could try too! (Although, some of the science explanations are a bit technical, the activities are quite simple) 

Websites that may be useful: 

Phonics and Reading -

Oxford Owl:

Phonics Bloom:

Phonics Play:


English/ Maths/ Other


Doodle Maths:

Purple Mash:


ICT Games:


For handwriting/ practicing full name - you could use shaving foam, sand, rice etc. to make it more interesting and to allow the children to easily correct any mistakes.


Remember, you can always contact me with any questions 

Extra challenges

  • Can you draw your house? Can you label the parts of your house?
  • Can you draw the layout of one of the rooms in your house - see if you can get it as accurate as you can (Year 1)
  • Can you write your full name using different colours for each letter?
  • Choose a new book to read, stop reading in the middle of the story. Can you guess what will happen at the end?
  • Can you fill a cup with water? Can you fill two (different sized) cups with water? Do they hold the same amount of water? How do you know?
  • Look at some ice carefully. What can you see inside? Can you think of/ find a way to melt the ice?
  • How many different ways can you time one minute?
  • Can you build a tower of blocks as tall as you? How can you make it balance?
  • Choose 20 blocks to build a model. Can you use the same blocks to make a different model?
  • Can you fill a piece of paper with different coloured fingerprints?
  • Can you fill a grid with circles and crosses? What pattern(s) can you make?
  • Can you put an object somewhere in a room and using the correct language direct someone to the object as if they were a computer that you have to program. For example using words like whole turn, half turn and quarter turn. You could also just describe where the object was using words like: above, in front of, between, around, near, up and down, forwards and backwards etc. (Year 1 but EYFS could try as a challenge). 

Useful links

Phonics and Reading -

Cbeebies - Alphablocks:

Oxford Owl:

Teach Your Monster to Read:

Phonics Bloom:

Phonics Play:



English/ Maths/ Other


Doodle Maths:

Purple Mash:

Primary Stars:

Classroom Secrets:



ICT Games:

Premier League Stars:

BBC Supermovers:

Orchard Toys:

Nat Geo for Kids:


Fun Brain:

BBC Bitesize:

The Imagination Tree:



Keeping Active

Go Noodle (Youtube):

Cosmic Yoga:


Practical ideas