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Class 3

Class 3's visit to Glasson Moss! We had a fantastic morning and learnt lots, it is a great place to go and visit, we are very lucky to have it right on our doorstep.

7.6.17-Class 3 had a great time exploring our local beach, we found lots of exciting things.

Here are some of Class 3's crayon letters to Duncan

Today in Design and Technology Class 3 tried a variety of sandwiches-some which they really enjoyed and others not so much.

Summer Term 2017-Here is this terms curriculum letter-also Summer Term 1 2017 extra homework tasks.

Class 3 have explored Van Gogh and Monet in art, here are our own versions of their art work.

Class 3 have had an amazing day at Bank Mill, learning all about plants, we got to plant a sunflower, an onion and a plant of our choice, we also received an exclusive peek at the new dinosaur exhibit , look around the new animals and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in the maze and outdoor play area. What a perfect Thursday

This week Class 3 have been looking at measures-we focused on weight and length-we linked it to our number focus-doubles and halves.

Here Ollie is showing which item is heavier.
Meishan is looking at 1KG.
Comparing 1KG and an object-heavier or lighter.
Ed has ordered objects heaviest to lightest.
Doubles and Halves.
Measuring length

BOWNESS BOOK DAY 2017-We have had a really good time celebrating world book day. We have completed various activities (Book reviews, The Secret Garden tasks, Decorating our class door, exploring famous authors and their books) we were also very lucky to have Mrs Harrison read A Squash and a Squeeze to us. We had a great time dressing up as their favourite book character. Miss Edwards and Elaine have chosen their best dresssed, this will be announced on Monday.

This half term our topic is Global Gardens. We have lots of exciting things planned. All of the curriculum links you can see on the Spring Term 2017 Curriculum letter. I have added their topic homework and any extra homework below.

This week in school has been Seasons week. Class 3 have been creating winter themed poems and doing some art to match these. We have also described what our own seasons would be like. Come and see all of our hard work.

Class 3 have been busy building their robots-they have given them names and jobs. They also included an electric circuit to add a light to their robots.

On Wednesday 1st February, a poet from the Wordsworth Trust, Holly Corfield Carr, worked with us using Claude glasses and landscape painter's viewfinders

This week we have been really busy-we have started to write our own Robot plays in English, we have also planned our Robots for Design and Technology and in Maths we have been looking at addition and subtraction in many different ways-written methods, doubling, column and applying with money.

Using our own numnber line to solve problems
Column Method-focusing on money

We have really progressed with our number work this week.

Using Base 10 material to show HTU
Creating our own Hundred squares
Positioning numbers on different number lines
Counting in 3's

For the past two weeks Class 3 have been focusing on instructions-we have followed instructions, ordered instructions and written instructions.

We looked at features of instructions
Writing our own sets of instructions
How to Brush your Teeth instructions in order.

Class 3 worked really hard WB-9.1.17-They did some maths activities linking to the TIME.

Showing different times.
O'clock, Quarter past, Half past and Quarter to.

Our topic this half term is Robots-here is Class 3's topic homework letter, I have also added the Spring Term 1 2017 extra homework activities-you can work through these at your own pace. .

Welcome back!!! I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas holidays, by the sounds of it you have all been very busy. Here is what to look forward to in the Spring Term in Class 3.

Class 3 have been having a great time this week preparing for Christmas-we have been busy-making cards, calendars, baubles, Christmas crafts, reindeer food, working in the Grotto and e-mailing Santa.

Class 3 were very lucky this morning to have a visit from Ian Grainger, he told us all about his farm.

Ian answered lots of our questions.
We enjoyed looking at photographs.
We got to see Ian's scrapbook.
Here we are reading some farmer magazines.

This morning Class 3 shared their Bonfire poems in the forest (and enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows!) Also the rest of the class had a great time at gymnastics.

Here is Class 3's Curriculum letter for Autumn Term 2016

Class 3 had an amazing day at Tullie House learning about Ancient Egypt. We got to see artefacts, dress up, take part in mummification, write using hieroglyphics and learn about the Egyptian Gods. We are really looking forward to this topic.

Class 3 went into the school forest this morning to help them come up with ideas for their Halloween poems. It was a lot of fun.

Crunchy leaves
Twisty trees
Spooky slimy mud
Wicked witch
Golden leaf
Haunted den

Egyptian bread and modeling the flooding of the Nile!

We have had a great first day back in Class 3, we have shared our summer news, and done some amazing farm art in our new sketchbooks.

Welcome to back after your summer holidays. We have got lots of exciting things planned for the year ahead. Next week I will attach the curriculum letter for Autumn Term so you can see what we have got to look forward to, we are going to be very busy.