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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!


We will be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.
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Class 3 Wedding Celebrations 8.7.15-We had a lovely afternoon celebrating at St Michaels Church, followed by Reception back in Class 3.

Ushers, Father of the Groom, Father of the Bride
Maid of Honour, Bride, Father of the Bride
Becoming Mr and Mrs Stokes
"We are married!"
Parents of the Bride
Best Man
Parents of the Groom
Wedding party.
Cutting of the cake.

Class 3-Visit to the "Beach"-exploring what we can find.

Here we all are, sharing our "Beach" treasure.
"We don't want to go back to school!"
Who could this be?
Sketching what we have found.
A Crab!
Rocks for our Science topic.
Having fun in the water!
There's a game on the head teacher blog just for Class 3!

Explorers Topic


This half term our topic in class 3 is Explorers.


We were very lucky to have a visitor come in on Thursday 23rd April to share their experiences.

Miss Graham came to talk to class 3 about her adventures, she has visited 6 out of the 7 Continents and at least 73 different countries.

Miss Graham showing the class her back pack.
Trying out a mosquito net.
This is all the equipment an explorer would need.
An explorers diet, snakes and spiders-yummy.
Medical kits.
Photographs of Miss Grahams adventures
Correct footwear
Photo slides
Trying out an explorers bed.
Passports and documentation.
What can you see?

Trip to Beckfoot Garden Centre Friday 20th March 2015


Class 3 have had a great day at Bankmill, we have taken part on many activities through the day.


Activity One-Planting-they looked at various plants from around the world and discussed how they are suited for the environment they live in. They then had a go at planting their own gardens and took them home, They really enjoyed this part as they know how to look after a plant to make sure it grows properly.


Activity Two-Nature Reserve-Here we went around and looked at various animals-rabbits, goats, pigs, hedgehogs, tortoise,  guinea pigs, horses, ducks, swans etc...Elaine was very close to bringing Pepsi and Max (The Pigs) back with her on the bus. They thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the animals-whilst they were there they also spent time in the maze and on the play area.


Activity Three-Jurassic Island-Here we looked at dinosaurs and their fossils. We also explored the environment they would live in-with the water and plants-discussing temperature and needs of these plants and animals. They also took part in a treasure hunt where they had to dig for treasure-finding the gold coins was enjoyable.


Overall Class 3 have had a great day. We love school trips.

World Book Day 2015-Here class 3 are enjoying looking at their favourite books, creating bookmarks, writing book reviews and illustrating book covers.

Here is class 3's front cover door.
Sitting listening whilst drinking hot chocolate
Becoming a book reviewer.
In class 3 we love reading.
Some of our finished book marks.

The Viking Song!

Still image for this video
In history we listened to this song and decided if the lyrics were true or not. What do you think?