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Welcome to Class 4's page!

We are enthusiastic learners who work hard and help each other.  Class 4 is a team and Miss Graham, Pat, Mrs Misselbrook and Miss Davies join us in making Year 5 and 6 the best place to be.

Guided Reading :The Titanic

We've now reached the exciting time in the year when we study 'The Titanic'. Alongside our novel, 'The Titanic Detective Agency', we will be looking at lots of non-fiction texts too.

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This week we investigated vocabulary and literacy features of some of the text.

Guided Reading: The Arrival

All of our guided reading texts have been based upon 'journeys' with a particular reference to journeys that characters have made for migration. We have looked at stories such as 'The Day War Came', 'The Journey' and 'when Jessie Came Across the Sea'. Our favourite so far has been 'The Arrival' By Shaun Tan.

This wordless picture book tell of a story of a man who leaves his family to go to a strange and very different country. Because the book has no words, it was up to us to try and work out what what happening in the story- using inference and gathering information from the illustrations.

Migration to Britain : A Timeline

Migration to Britain : A Timeline 1
Migration to Britain : A Timeline 2
As part of our Journey's Topic, our history focus has been on the migration of people to ad from Britain. We looked back at the earliest migrants, The Bronze age 'Beaker People', who came to our shores about 1000 BC. We then completed a timeline by looking at other ancient, then more recent, migrants.
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Science: Classifying and Sorting

Science: Classifying and Sorting 1
Science: Classifying and Sorting 2
Class 4 have been looking at classification of animals. We brushed up on our prior knowledge of sorting animals into their key groups, before going on to make our own classification keys.

In our move up days, we discussed what we were interested in and what we wanted to learn more about as well as what we'd like to improve as personal targets.

We wrote all over large pieces of paper and Miss Graham collated our ideas using them and the National Curriculum to create our yearly plan.