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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4's page!

We are enthusiastic learners who work hard and help each other.  Class 4 is a team and Miss Graham, Pat, Mrs Misselbrook and Miss Davies join us in making Year 5 and 6 the best place to be.

January 2021 Class 4

Welcome back to Spring Term 2021. Our Topic for this Term is Space!

Class 4 September 2020

Welcome back to a new year, new start in Class 4.

Our theme for this term is Victorian Steampunk.

Our initial topic for the first half term will be based upon the general idea of ‘Victorian Steampunk’.  We would love you to have a think about what this means. This is in preparation for our initial Wow day, on the 7th September. A day when staff and children will be invited to dress up in relevant costume and have a day exploring the idea and taking part in different activities. Victorian Steampunk is a genre of writing, a culture and amalgamation of ideas. Think inventors, Victorian engineering and a bit of fantasy thrown in!


Transition to Secondary School for Year 6s

To give you some further information about moving on to secondary school- Please have a look at some of the information shared by Nelson Thomlinson school. They also have some excellent videos on their website.


  • Nelson Thomlinson have produced two videos to help with the transition to secondary school in September.  One is a virtual tour, showing some of the classrooms they will be using and giving some general information about uniform, equipment and the first day, the other introduces the children to some of the teachers and tutors they will be working with in Year 7.  The videos are on the school’s homepage (you can use the link above) down the left hand side of the page.  Please do watch them with your child as there is some excellent advice and information for pupils and parents.
  • A letter has also been sent to all parents with children attending NTS in September detailing the arrangements for the new academic year.  The school will be open to all Year 7 and Year 12 pupils on Wednesday 2nd September, giving them the chance to get settled in while the school is a little quieter.  Year 7 will not return to school again until the following Monday (7th September) when the whole school will be back.  The letter also details changes and alterations to various procedures given the current situation.
  • There is a booklet attached that has been put together, with the help of both NTS and other local primary schools, to help your child in the transition to NTS in particular, but also contains general information that may be of use to children transferring to other schools.
  • There are three presentations/ booklets that have been made by NTS- these are full of up to date information.


I hope these may be of some use.  Best wishes and Good luck at secondary school.


Oceans Week

Monday 8th June is World Oceans Day and so begins our focus upon oceans. All of our topic work is based upon the geography and science of the seas. We started the week with mapping out and learning about the features of oceans. We then took part in a live debate about a 'School Ocean Manifesto'. We decided that we could do more for the environment and discussed the need for a school 'Eco-council' in which we would try to make school a little more environmentally friendly.

 On Tuesday afternoon we went down to the shore to take part in a 'Bowness Beach Clean'.


Our World Ocean Day Live lesson!

Our Beach Clean up!


First week back for some of us here in class 4- As part of our 30 days wild week we have been investigating our school grounds and the beach on the hunt for something wild!

We started off doing an A-z Nature hunt, followed by taking a 'blue photo'. On Tuesday we made some Andrew Goldsworthy inspired art down on the beach.

Tom and Jerry

Don"t you just love our Class 4 Guinea Pigs.

At the moment they're now on their holidays at Elaine's house.

I wonder if she'll get used to the squeaking as much as we are missing it. 

Rainbow Trail

As much as we love being in school, the current situation won't allow that to happen. In light of this some pupils were doing their best to make things as cheery as possible. On Monday we painted rainbows as part of the ongoing phenomena that encourages children who are being home schooled to paint rainbows as a cheerful 'keep smiling' message.

We think they did a great job.

Spanish Club


Welcome to Spanish club. Here in class 4 we have been learning about Greetings, asking how we all are and saying good morning and good afternoon. We have been using our 'Spanish friend' puppets to help us out and have mini conversations.

Spanish Club happens Tuesday lunchtime and all of KS2 will be welcome to attend. Next time we have chosen to learn animal vocabulary.

Reading for pleasure

Class 4 just love books!

We have had a bit of a reshuffle in the reading corner- added some more comfy cushions and throws and now everyone wants to be in there.

Book talk is going strong and we all love to have a chat about the books we are reading and the ones we recommend.


Each half term our regular readers, who have earned their 'Starbooks' loyalty card, enjoy some time out with hot chocolate and biscuits.

This week's Science lessons have all been about plants. We have studied them, dissected them, found out each part of the plant's function and drawn them. We've been on a class hunt, matched images and functions, labelled diagrams and counted petals. Even out of school, the plant fascination continues- with daily updates on how our seeds are developing at home.

Exciting times ahead -as we move to draw, paint, print and make 3d plants- Watch this space!

Greek Meze

As part of our Ancient Greek Topic we have been learning how to make Greek Meze- little dishes of Greek Food. We tasted lots of different Greek food- some of which we liked- Yogurt and honey, Feta Cheese- and some of which we didn't like- Olives! We also tried Spanakopita (Feta and spinich pastries), Halloumi, Hummus and Tzatziki. We then made our own versions. Next time, we are moving on to design and make our own Greek inspired Flat breads.

Guided Reading :The Titanic

We've now reached the exciting time in the year when we study 'The Titanic'. Alongside our novel, 'The Titanic Detective Agency', we will be looking at lots of non-fiction texts too.

This week we investigated vocabulary and literacy features of some of the text.

Guided Reading: The Arrival

All of our guided reading texts have been based upon 'journeys' with a particular reference to journeys that characters have made for migration. We have looked at stories such as 'The Day War Came', 'The Journey' and 'when Jessie Came Across the Sea'. Our favourite so far has been 'The Arrival' By Shaun Tan.

This wordless picture book tell of a story of a man who leaves his family to go to a strange and very different country. Because the book has no words, it was up to us to try and work out what what happening in the story- using inference and gathering information from the illustrations.

Migration to Britain : A Timeline

As part of our Journey's Topic, our history focus has been on the migration of people to ad from Britain. We looked back at the earliest migrants, The Bronze age 'Beaker People', who came to our shores about 1000 BC. We then completed a timeline by looking at other ancient, then more recent, migrants.

Science: Classifying and Sorting

Class 4 have been looking at classification of animals. We brushed up on our prior knowledge of sorting animals into their key groups, before going on to make our own classification keys.

In our move up days, we discussed what we were interested in and what we wanted to learn more about as well as what we'd like to improve as personal targets.

We wrote all over large pieces of paper and Miss Graham collated our ideas using them and the National Curriculum to create our yearly plan.