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Our Class 4 Corona Chronicles

Welcome to our class blog- a place where I will share some of the things we get up to during our time away from school. You find jokes. stories and activities. You might find a few little tasks that we can do together each week, and odd song or two, a book recommendation and a few pictures to make you smile. Check in every couple of days for new content. Hope to see you then.

Bowness Book Week

You know I love reading- most of my spare money goes to buy books- and even now when we cant go out to buy any I have managed to buy some online and have them sent to me.

I read every morning with my breakfast- and every night before I go to sleep. When I have the time- between housework, school work or other hobbies or stuff to do I always make time to read. I love holidays for that reason- more time to read without feeling guilty that I should be doing something else.

When I was little my favourite place to read was curled up on a shelf in the room that was used as an airing cupboard- nestled up in blankets and bedding where I would read for hours. Now I have my favourite chair, in a corner, next to the bookshelf and radiator, where i like to switch on the side lamp and read.

When do you read?

Where is your favourite place to read?

We're nearly there!

What have you been up to lately? Taking part in Star counting this week- then wait until after 7pm, make sure you have clear skies and no lights- wait until your eyes adjust and then count the stars in Orion.

Aside from that we have only one week left before half term. Have you anything planned?- I know we can't go anywhere, but I'm planning on reading lots of books, doing some crafting and getting some fresh air on some nice walks.

When I've been out on my wallk's- despite the cold- I have noticed that things are getting a little greener- and that Spring might be around the corner.

I've also been writing and receiving letters and postcards- Can you find where these came from on a map?

It was also very sad to hear about Sir Captain Tom Moore. He should inspire us all.

Half Way There!


Wow, another week gone! BUT we are half way through our half term. I know it's been a bit of a slog, but I think we're all getting into a routine of Zoom lessons and work set. It was lovey seeing lots of you last week when I was dropping off supplies and treats- I saw lots of fancy PJs and onesies! I reckon we have to have a Virtual PJ day- with lots of cosy slippers. nightlights, torches and stories? What do you think?

So life lately....

Pancakes, fruit and granola for lazy breakfasts, walks out in the sun when I can, working in school, finding time to read, treating myself to flowers...

What else have you been up to?

How are you getting on?


We're now midway into our second week- How are you getting on? Its lovely this time using Zoom as I love seeing you all everyday. I'm sure now we are getting into routine a little bit more- Just do what you can, when you can,

 Anyway, I thought I'd show you a few things of what I've been getting up to- when I'm not in front of you guys or in school (Which is on a Thursday)

Firstly just look at these two! I'm Aunty to these two 10 week old Black labs- Brew and Indy- gorgeous!


I've had some lovely mail this week- a box of treats and books-

and I've been out an about walking in the snow and ice- although I'm not really happy with the rainy weather!

Does anyone know where this is?

And watching the birds eat everything at the bird feeder.

Hope you have a good week. Stay safe, keep in touch and keep smiling :)

New Year: New Lockdown!


Who would have thought we'd be starting this year with yet another Lockdown? This time it almost seems that it is less of a novelty as last time and that we are tired of it before we even start. So we need to make sure that we all pull together, keep bright and positive and look after each other. Home schooling isn't easy for anyone- parents, pupils or us teachers but we just need to make sure that we keep in touch. The Zoom lessons are a great place in which we can stay motivated, as not only as we are learning on the go, but also its a great way of touching base with everyone. There's also Edmodo- a good way of chatting amongst ourselves as well as sharing pictures and telling us what we have all been up to.

And of course, there's here- Yes I know I have used an 'And' to start a sentence, despite me telling you guys not to- but sometime you have to break a rule and this is one of those time- when I want to emphasis something!

So yes- on here too- at Classroom Chronicles- a place where I generally just witter on about nowt! It's just like having me in the classroom going on and on and off on a tangent- but at least this way you can closedown the screen! So for keeping you up to date, sharing fun stuff or telling you the minutiae of my life (Good opportunity for dictionary work there!) then this is the place to be.-Oh and a place to show cute pictures of cats!


Keep safe, Keep smiling :)


12th June 2020

Hello there lovelies, How is it going?

Miss G 

Hello There

June 4th 2020

Wow, its been a long time since I've been on here. Life on lockdown takes over I suppose. I have been busy planning lots of things for school- for those at home and at school. I've also tried to get out and about during this lovely weather.

Here's some things I've got up to; 

Lately I've:-

Read- Wildspark by Vashti Hardy- Loved it! By the author of Brightstorm- another cracking adventure with mechanimals and machinery.

         The boy at the back of the class by O- a lovely thought provoking story about the refugee crisis

         The star outside my window by - a lovely read about loss, fitting in and an adventure on the way.

Listened to- Podcasts about Reading and writing

           Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone on Audiblestories

Baked : More flapjack, a Biscoffe cake and Chocolate cake

Walked- Many miles around the footpaths of Wigton

Visited my mum and sister, shopped to help out the neighbours and stood out on the steps to clap for carers.

Stay safe and keep smiling.


Sunday 17th May 2020

Hello there Class 4- How's everyone doing?

Well, yet another busy week- in fact I don't know where this week went. So much to do- and so little time! It's a shame it wasn't as warm as some of the other weeks- I could do with a bit of sun right now to warm up. At least we had a drizzle of rain, so I don't have to water the plants or the allotment.

How are your plants growing? Mine are a little hit and miss- some died off because they were too hot- and then they got frozen- but i'll just have to wait and see.

We have an allotment and although I would quite happily spend some time up there- The boys have taken over- so instead I decided I would dig up some of our front and make a garden- It looks like a load of weeds at the minute- but I have grand plans!

I'm enjoying being out and about- My walks aren't very exciting- but its nice to get out and about in the fresh air- watch the blossom grow and listen to the birds sing. It was also lovely seeing some of you last week when I was out delivering. I'm looking forward to seeing you all when we go back.

Take care, stay safe and keep smiling :)

Miss G

Sunday 10th May 2020

Hello! How are you all doing?

How has your week been? How did you get on with your VE DAY tasks? Did you do anything special for VE Day.  I watched a few of the celebrations, did a toast to the veterans and had a mini tea party- all social distanced.

I'm sure you'll all be wondering when this will end and we'll all get back to normal- Maybe after this weekend we might know a little more- but maybe there will be more questions than answered. Until then we will just continue to do the best we can at home.

Some things I've been up to:


Monday 4th May 2020

Hello my lovlies, Welcome to May!

Wow, these weeks are going fast. I'm glad the sun has got out again- i really like the warmer weather. Ive been pretty busy this week, not only with sorting out VE DAY stuff for you to do, but with jobs at home. I've baked Biscoffee cake, which was fab- even if i say so myself and two lots of flapjack- this time I added fruit and seeds. Mrs Misslebrook came and delivered some lovely little biscuits she made too- Just like mini tea cups.

I've been gardening a lot over the weekend too- trying to tidy up the lawn and garden in  my old house and also making a new  tiny garden here in my new house- So far its just a mass of weeds. What I have learnt over this weekend is that 1- You cant do everything at once- when everything seems alittle overwhelming- take it one little piece at a time- ('m taking my garden one very small area at a time) and the second thing is- Don' just talk about it- Do it. I'm very good at procrastinating (putting things off) So instead of saying I'm going to do it- -you just have to get on with it!

Hopefully these are two lessons that might help you, as well, while you are still dealing with all of this home school malarky.

I' leave you with some photos of some of the things I"ve been up to- my walks, my gardening, my baking, some jokes I have found and some cute animal pictures- co you can never have enough cute animal pictures!

Stay safe, Keep smiling!

Miss G

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Good Morning, How's everyone doing?

I can't believe how time is flying past- although I seem to have got into more of a routine this week, going with the flow and all that.

I've been to the post office today- keep an eye out in your letterbox for something on its way from me. I've also been busy working away this morning and made some chocolate crispies too! I have plans this week to start making some bunting for VE DAY- so I can attach them to our house and railings. I shall post lots of ideas so you can join in with VE day too.

Keep smiling, stay safe and keep in touch- I love hearing from everyone- i know there's a few of you that I haven't heard from- I hope all is ok and you are working hard.



Friday 24th April 2020

Hello Lovelies, How's things?


It's nearly the end of another week- How are you all getting on. I imagine everyone is getting a little bit of ' cabin fever' with being 'safe' inside, I know I feel it sometimes. I've found that getting out and about for some daily exercise and fresh air is one of my favourite times of the day. The sun is out, the flowers are blooming and the birds singing- Lovely!

I also think it's really important to keep in touch with our friends and family- so go on, whats app, facetime, zoom or just give them a call- I love hearing from you too- so don't forget to email and use Edmodo. I'd love to hear from you.



Tuesday 21st April 2020

Hello you lovely people, How are you all?

I hope you are all doing ok and enjoying the nice warm weather. It's a bit breezy though isn't it?

I don' know about you, but time just flies. I had lots of things i wanted to do, whilst we weren't in school- but i don't know how the time just escapes me- I can't imagine how anyone can find time to do stuff. My days seem to consist of school work, cleaning, essential shopping- twice a week- I shop for my house, my mum and a neighbour- a daily walk, more chores, a bit of gardening or baking, more work and then its time to sit and chill about 8 in the evening!

I sorted out my Spare room yesterday- it's where my desk is- Where do you like to do your work?

This is my desk/ work area.

Well then- back to it- I'm now looking at some History Planning, then I'm off to make Raspberry buns.

Stay safe, keep smiling.

Miss G


Thursday 16th April 2020

Hello Class 4. How are you all?

I can't believe how fast this week has flown already. We are 4 weeks in already of our countrywide lock down and after the announcement today we have at least another 3 weeks. How do you feel about this?

I'm sure I'm a bit like some of you- I'm quite happy to stay in and safe safe, knowing that to protect us, our families, the vulnerable and the NHS, then it's the right thing to do. But, on the other hand, being in the same 4 walls as the rest of your family, missing out on people you want to see, or places you want to go is hard. I know there have been times this week when I've been anxious, or lost my cool- because were are all so used to things being a certain way- and now they are not. Its OK to feel like this sometimes, but you have just to acknowledge it, breathe and move on. Its time like this when you have to think of the good things and feel positive.

So everyday i'm starting to write down 3 things that have made me smile. (#threethings) 

Today's 3 things were:

The sound of birdsong on my daily walk- I think it was a chaffinch

Eating homemade gingerbread that was straight from the oven.

Being able to sit in the sunshine for a while in the back yard, with a cup of tea and my book to read.

So you see not great big things, just the little things.

Two other BIG THINGS that made me smile today were things that were happening elsewhere. I love going out on a Thursday night at 8pm and show our appreciation to all our key workers. The weekly 'Clap for the carers' is becoming noisier on our little row of houses, as we are now banging saucepans- and our neighbour even had a drum. It's lovely to know that millions of people are doing the same.

I also loved to hear about Mr Tom Moore, who at 99, walked around his garden, 100 times to raise money for the NHS. I loved the fact he wanted to raise a thousand pound and to date has raised over 17 MILLION POUNDS!!! I must admit I had a bit of a tear in my eye watching this news story.

Anyway, stay safe, Keep smiling and look at the little things. :)

Miss G


Sunday 12th April 2020

Hello lovelies, Happy Easter Sunday. 

I hope you have some relaxing time over the last couple of weeks, have enjoyed spending time with your family and made the most of the sunshine.

I've had a quite a busy few days- nothing too exciting- a daily walk, essential shopping for elderly neighbours and relatives, School work, crocheting, reading, cleaning, tidying, baking etc etc. I've bumped into Mrs Misslebrook a couple of times when I have been out on my walks too.

So here's my 'so far' list- Things that I have done 'so far'-

Watched- The Lion King, Indiana Jones(1 and 2) and Wonder Woman.

Read- 'Scavengers' by Darren Simpson, 'Clockwork' by Philip Pullman and a thriller set in the Lake District.

Made- I'm carrying on with my crocheted throw/ blanket- although its only the size of a bandana at the minute!

Bake- I've baked lemonade scones, chocolate crispy cakes. Mincemeat and apple crumble slice, Rhubarb crumble, Bread and Butter pudding and today I'm going to make a chocolate cake.

Don't forget to stay in touch, keep checking in online- stay safe and keep smiling

Miss G



Friday 3rd April 2020

Hello you lovely people. How are things going?


It's still all a bit strange isn't it? Even having this week as a holiday hasn't felt like one. In fact i seem to be doing the same sorts of things this week as I was doing the last- school work, essential shopping and chores. Saying that we now have access to Disney plus in our household- and so I could spend some time watching films. If you had to recommend a Disney film for me to watch, what would it be?

So here's the thing- This week I'm going to try to do things that I've been meaning to do for ages (and have never got time for) therefore my plan for this week is:


Bake (I have lots of new recipes- which would you choose?) Chocolate cake, Orange cake, lemonade scones, Biscoffee tray bake?

Read Im going to start on my To Be Read Pile of books and also reread some old ones that I haven't read in years. What books would you recommend?

(Talking of books have you seen the new Harry Potter website- Look at Edmodo for details)

Make. I have learnt to crochet! I know it's a bit old fashioned but i'm going to make a blanket/ throw. I might even try to draw or paint. Any ideas what I could do?

Watch Aside from the Disney question above- What else should I watch either on TV or film?

Keep in touch- I'm going to email/ write to lots of my friends that live in other parts of the country. world to let them know how we are doing.

Photography I love taking photos but have got out of the habit. I'm going to challenge myself to take some pictures- I may even open it up to a class photography challenge. Any one up for it? What could we take pictures of?

Finally- I' going to get round to taking part in Mrs M's Art Challenge- Using an art gallery picture. Why not have a go?


Ok then- send me your recommendations- I'll be waiting!

:) Miss G


Sunday 29th March 2020

Hello my Lovelies.


How is it going? It's quite hard getting into a routine isn't it? The last few days have been a mixture of doing chores (Washing, cleaning, essential shopping), working from home (finding work for you guys and learning new tech) and some fun leisure stuff (reading, daily walks, catching up on social media and watching TV). 

It's been a steep learning curve for me too- Poor Ms Davies has had me call and message her various times for her to help me set up the online platforms we are all using- Who knew Edmodo, Doodle Engl!ish and Purple Mash could be so difficult to get your head around! I'm sure you are all experts- 100% better than me anyway!

 As it is I've learned some new skills- but still trying to work out some others-it might take a while :)


A new joke: 

I nearly got knocked off my bile by a council salt lorry tonight.

"You idiot!" I shouted through gritted teeth.


Wednesday 25.3.20

Some Class 4 Loveliness


My friend was recently crushed by a pile of books

He's only got his shelf to blame.


I can give you one vegetable joke about onions

But that's shallot.


This stupid panic buying is ridiculous! I've just paid 15 pounds for Oxo cubes.

The stock market has gone crazy!