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Week 13         The Last Week: Moving on! Summer here we come!

It's almost the end of a very strange term and end of year. This week we have some fun ideas and some consolidation.

Week 13       HARRY POTTER WEEK     W/B 6.7.20

Welcome to the world of HARRY POTTER and all things magical. This week we have lots of fun ideas and links to the Wizarding World of Harry potter. Don't worry if you've not read the books or seen the films; There are extracts and links for videos and read alouds. 

Week 12- ONLINE TECHNOLOGY- w/b 29.6.20

Over the last few months we have all became more tech savvy and engaged with technology, whether that be from learning at home or in our free time. This week’s work continues with that theme. 

Week 11- RAINFORESTS    w/b 22.6.20

It's World Rain forest Day today and so we start a weeks worth of rainforest work. 

Week 10- OCEAN HABITATS w/b 15.6.20

Check out the timetable below for some links to some LIVE lessons and activities.

Week 9- OCEANS  w/b  8-6-20

Monday is WORLD OCEANS DAY and so we are starting a themed week on seas and oceans. Why not dress up in blue and get ready to join in with some live lessons! Click here for the daily timetable and links to LIVE lessons!

Week 8- 1.6.2020

Welcome to 30 DAYS WILD WEEK. We are going to take part in lots of activities that come under the topic of 30 days wild, an annual project ran by the Wildlife Trust. We will spend this week focusing upon lots of aspects that this may entail. You can take lots of ownership on this- if there is something that fascinates you- then go and explore. There will be lots of given activities but also lots of opportunities to take it where you want. The general idea is that you do 30 Random acts of wildness! This may be going on a Nature walk, looking at the stars or making a home for insects. There are many ideas to be found in the 30 day pack.

I will be sharing ideas from the pack- but if you wish to have your own pack, follow the link below NEW!


Ideas for 30 days wild

Week 7

Well guys, this is it- the last week before half term! This is a bit more of a regular week- All foundation subjects and literacy and maths should be covered. You are all doing well. Keep up the good work- Keep checking out the different pages on here, Edmodo, Purple mash and Doodle.

You've got this!

Recipe ideas

Science ideas

Week 6- Making History

This week is another special focus week- We are making history! Tomorrow you will be expected to write a diary for The Mass Observation project. All the details are in the resources- but you might want to have a look at it before tomorrow- so you know what to do. 

I would love to see what you got up to over last week- Enjoy this week. 

As well as the above have a look on the MAIN PAGE for links to bunting, colouring pages etc. Here are a few more links with to sites that have activities and information.    TULLIE HOUSE LIVE LINK          GOVERNMENT WEBSITE LINK  ENGLISH HERITAGE WEBSITE


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