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Just for fun

We're nearly there!

The Summer Holidays are in sight!

I'm planning to keep adding to this page from time to time over the holidays, just to keep myself out of mischief.


You know how I love some painted rocks!

The instructions for thesew colourful bracelets are here...

Make a banjo!

It's been so hot lately, time for an ice lolly!

Time for some baking!

Roll a dice and write a story!

Made from the inside of an egg box!

Draw a face and make them a nature hsirstyle or hat!

Can you draw these pictures without taking your pencil off the page?

Make a walking puppet!

These monsters are funny. Fold along the lines to make a folded mouth and colour in. There are some ideas below - or draw your own!

You could take these out on your walks!

This looks fun!

Animal origami!

I loved making these when I was younger!

This looks like fun!

Have a go at cross stitch!

So cute! I might have a go at this one.

Paint a rainbow tree

Pencil and paper games

You know what I'll be trying next week!

Don't these look like fun?

What can you build today?

Elastic Skipping rhymes

More ideas - One for the strictly fans!

Scavenger hunts

Do a different activity for every letter of your name - then try someone elses name!

More scavenging!

Some baking ideas


Can you find the Interrnational Space Station?

Can you protect an egg from a fall?

Use a gingerbread man cutter to make Easter bunny hug biscuits!

Great garden ideas from Wildlife Watch

30 day art challenge

Learn sign language!

A quick dice game to try

A couple of outdoor ideas for these lovely sunny days

(Mostly) British birds - can you identify them from their markings? e.g. 6 is a Jay

I've made these - they're beautiful. Make a small hole in the top of an egg and empty out the egg from inside. You can make a cake or an omelette with that later. Then gently push some flowers and leaves inside. After that top it up with water - cooled boiled water is supposed to be best, but strasight from the tap is fine. Finally put them into the freezer until frozen, take off the eggshell and enjoy!

Add food colourinjg to bubble mix - one for outside!

Fun lego ideas - might give the balloon car a go myself!