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Home schooling January 2021

WB 1.3.21-FINAL WEEK OF ZOOM LEARNING!!!!!!! Morning everyone, so this week is our last week before we are back at school, along with The World Book day activities this week, we are also doing a few other things. English-Write our own Rainforest adventure themed story-this will be done on Zoom, Spellings as usual on Friday, Read everyday this week as there is a prize if you do-REMEMBER to record in your reading rocket or it won't count. Maths-Continuing from last week-Year 2 and 3 fractions, Year 4 Multiplication and division patterns. NO SCIENCE-JUST WORLD BOOK DAY CHALLENGES TO TRY.

WB 22.2.21-Welcome back after half term, I hope you all had a well deserved rest :) This week is the start of our new topic in Class 3-RAINFOREST, this is one of my favourite topics. This week in English our Zooms will all be based on The Tiger who Lost his Stripes-we will complete activities based on this text-predctions, character profiles etc... Spelling Quiz will be in Friday's Zoom. Continue to keep up with your reading, if you need anymore books please just email and I will get those for you. In Maths the focus is Fractions and Multiplication-this will take us two weeks. Science this week is our final investigation, and this is probably the most interesting. PE will be on Wednesday as usual.


25.1.21-Morning Class 3. Week 4 of home schooling and we are smashing it. This week in English we are looking at non-Chronological reports-focusing on what a non-chronological report is and gathering infomration on Romans to write our own non-chronological report. Continuing to read and learn spellings for Friday's quiz. Maths Year 2 and 3-focusing on measuring-YOU WILL NEED weighing scales, measuring jugs and a ruler for this weeks practical tasks (Year 2's maths this week is very practical and hands on), Year 4 focusing on addition and subtraction work-also looking at linking this to statistics. This weeks investigation is The Ice Lifter-give this a go and write up your findings. Keep up the hard work Class 3, you are doing AMAZING!

18.1.21-Morning everyone. Here is the work for this week-weekly plans for Year 2, 3, 4-Spellings are on these plans-Spelling quiz on Friday. English-This week we are going to be writing a Roman themed story of our own-can link to The Roman Beanfeast or can create their own. Maths-Number work-Multiplication, Division and Fractions. All English sessions will be on Zoom, Maths-3 sessions on Zoom the other 2 sessions will be on Doodle Maths. There is a fun science experiment to have a go at-the area of focus for science this term is to be able to record science investigations down. Hope you all have a lovely week :)

11.1.21-Week Two of home schooling. Morning everyone, I hope you all had a nice weekend and managed to get out in the snow. Here are the weekly plans for this week. English-Focus on The Roman Bean Feast text-activities relating to this-summing up text, character profiles, predictions about what might happen next. Also reading and spellings to learn. Maths-Place Value and Fractions. PE on Wednesday-circuits link-REMEMBER YOUR WATER BOTTLE. Science-Fun investigation-Disco Fruit-the photo for this investigation is in the resources. Have a lovely week, and any questions please just email me :) Miss Edwards

4.1.21-Hi Class 3! This week we are back to home schooling (not sure for how long) Here are Class 3's weekly plans, they are in Year groups, so please make sure you select the correct weekly plan. English will be done Via ZOOM everyday at 9:30am, Maths sessions some will be done via ZOOM-YEAR 2-10:30am and YEAR 3 and 4 11:30am (maths zooms are on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays-other maths sessions will be on Doodle maths. Spellings this week are your post it note spellings sent home at Christmas-these will be quizzed on Friday. PE is on Wednesday at 1pm via ZOOM. Happy New Year and please don't worry, we will get through this together.

WB 13.7.20-Morning Class 3, Final week of home schooling this week!!!! I cannot praise you all enough for the hard work you have put in, you have all been amazing and kept smiling! So this week... English-We are going to do some writing about topics we have covered this year and write about our favourite ones, this will be done on our English zooms, no spelling quiz this week, but I am putting your year group spellings on the website for you to learn and recap over the summer, ready for september, continue to read everyday and complete thne SPAG mat. Maths-we are continuing our Place Value booklets, I have also set various Doodle Maths challenges on you Doodles. Science-I have added a website link that has a few investigations that you can try at home, you could try some of these over the summer holidays too. PE-continue to be active-there are the website links on the weekly plans, but also many ways at home and outside that you can keep active. I am going to send parents an email this week with some fun activities you can do over the summer. This is our last week, so enjoy and continue to work hard. ON FRIDAY WE ARE HAVING A BOWNESS QUIZ WITH CLASS 4-SIBLINGS ARE WELCOME TO JOIN IN!!!

WB-6.7.20-Morning Class 3, Only two more weeks to go of homeschooling!!!! This week in English we are focusing on diaries-you are going to choose an explorer you would like to be and then write a diary account in the role as that explorer, also in English-Final week of learning spellings and continue to read each day. I have allso set a SPAG chgalllenge for Friday for each of you. Maths-Focusing on Place Value-complete the set pages in your place value booklets (If you can't print these just copy into your homeschool book) and visit Doodle Maths I have set new challenges on your accounts. Science-Have a go at making honeycomb-we have done this in Class 3 before, but it is really fun and tastes yummy. PE-see the website links I have added to the plans-there are some new ones to try. Alss over this week it is meant to get nice-so make the most of the outdoor weather.

WB 29.6.20-Morning Class 3! Hope you all had a lovely weekend, even though the weather wasn't its best. Here is this weeks work-English-we are looking at letter writing-using the text "The Day the Crayons Quit" this will be done through our Zoom lessons. Also remember to learn your spellings for Friday's spelling session and please keep reading, it is reallly important. I have also set you all a SPAG challenge on Doodle English for Friday. Maths-Position and Direction focus-complete some of the activity sheets and visit Doodle Maths where I have set you some challenges linking to this work. Continue to complete some PE activities using the website links I stuck in your home learning book-this week due to the weather miight be a good week for dancing activities-See JUST DANCE. Science this week is an investigation for how to make sugar crystals. Have a fun week and work through these activities. You are nearly there Class 3.

WB 22.6.20-Morning Class 3, here is your work for this week. English-In our Zoom English sessions this week we are exploring silly poems-On the Ning Nang Nong-we are going to have a go at writing our own versions this week, continue to practise your spellings for this weeks Friday quiz and continue to read. Maths-Continuing multiplication and also focus on division this week for your multiplication and division facts. Science-Have a go at making ice cream-we have done this investigation in Class 3 before, see if you can wow your parents at home with this. PE continue the websites and also keep going with some sports day activities. Keep up the hard work Class 3.

Here is a Father’s Day card you could try at home!

WB 15.6.20-Morning Class 3-Here is this weeks work. English-Continue our Non-Chronological Reports-this week we are writing them up, continue reading, spelling and SPAG. Maths-Multiplication and Division-various activity sheets to have a go at and also challenges set on Doodle Maths and activities to complete on Doodle Times Tables. Science-exploring reversible and irreversible changes by heating and cooling. PE continue to complete activities on the websites provided-also Sports day themed tasks. I will see you all at 10am for our daily Zoom lessons. Miss Edwards

Morning Class 3, WB 8.6.20-This week we are going to continue our English lessons via Zoom, continue to learn your spellings and read your rreading books, on Friday their is a Diidle Englsih SPAG challenge set up for you. Maths we are continuing with our Addition and subtraction working on the next section of problems. Science is a solids investigation, exploring what can happen to different solid materials when you twist, bend, stretch, pull etc... PE have a go at some Sports day activities-running, throwing, catching jumping etc... You are working really hard, keep it up.


I have really enjoyed doing our zoom lessons this week! Let me know what you have thought, the feedback so far has been very positive, so I think we will continue our English zooms! 

For next weeks science you will need a variety of solid materials such as jelly cubes, marshmallows, tin foil, felt, play dough, pipe cleaner, Lego, paper etc... they don’t need all of these but just a variety so they can investigate- I would aim for around five! 


Miss Edwards :) 

WB 1.6.20-Morning Class 3, hope you all had a lovely half term. Here are this weeks work-English-will be done via Zoom this week, I have added what we are doing onto the plans-Description settings. They have got a SPAG activity challenge to do on Friday-this is on Doodle English, continue with spellings and reading. Maths all links to adding and subtracting-they have all got some addition and subtraction activities to complete-this will continue next week so I have put the pages and challenges they are going to complete. Science-Materials focus-go on a materials hunt-describe the materials and use some scientific vocabulary. This is a new topic this half term-EXPLORERS. Can't wait to see you at 10am-I have sent an email to you all with the login


Hi Class 3, happy Friday! Just a couple of things to tell you before you enjoy your half term! 

I have had a few emails this morning of you trying to send your poetry reciting, but the videos are too large, please don’t worry, if you just send me an email to confirm they have done it and then they can still receive their certificates, and I can see their poetry reciting another time, maybe via zoom once we are up and running! 

Also I am going to go ahead with the English zoom classes after half term, I think it’ll be a great way to ease them back in and a chance for me to see them all! I will sort out zoom meetings and times towards the end of next week, I am thinking around 10am! If these are successful I might begin to do maths in a similar way, but I will have to do this with each year group separately as they all cover different areas and I wouldn’t manage that in one 40 minute zoom session! 

Hope this all sounds ok!

Thank you so much for all your hard work this half term, I know it isn’t easy, but you are all doing an amazing job!

Miss Edwards :) 

WB-18.5.20-Morning Class 3! This is the final piece of work linking to Space, after half term we are going to be looking at Explorers. This week in English-You are focusing on shape poems, creating your own space poem in a shape, then learn your poem off by heart and reciting it with actions. Also continue to learn your spellings and read your reading books. Maths-Focus this week is time-to create a time diary for your week, and also complete some Doodle Maths challenges-On Friday there is a fun activity for you to try. Science this week links to Space-there are two investigations for you to try, you don't have to do both-one is to create a lava lamp and the other is a space rocket. PE continue your obstacle courses and bike rides, I have enjoyed seeing videos of these, I have also added some new websites for PE where there are different challenges for you to try. You have been working so hard, and I enjoyed seeing most of you on Friday for the Bowness Quiz, we had a lot of fun. Only one more week and then it's half term-YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Morning everyone, I have really enjoyed seeing your instruction pictures, you are doing a great job!

Next week we are going to be doing some investigation work in science, you are going to need a few things-

  • an orange, lemon or grapefruit
  •  Tin foil
  • tall glass or clear plastic bottle 
  • vegetable oil
  • food colouring 
  • water 
  • alka seltzer tablet or fizzy vitamin tablet 
  • original can of soft drink AND diet version of the same drink 
  • Drinks bottle with a cap on which pops open

These will cover two sciences investigations. 

Thank you everyone, hopefully see you all on Friday for the zoom quiz! 

Miss Edwards :) 


WB 11.5.21-Morning Class 3, well done to everyone last week on your hard work, please keep it up, you are all doing an amazing job. Try and keep up to date with your Doodle Maths tasks as these will really help keep your maths skills going. This week in English you are focusing on instructions-following a set of instructions and then making your own set of instructions-including the correct layout and detailed vocabulary, Maths-statistics work-practical actvities in your books and some Doodle Maths challenges, Science-summing up our plant investigation by displaying our results on a graph, continue to learn your spellings and read as much as you can-IF YOU WANT TO FILM YOURSELF READING AND SEND ME YOUR FILMS, I HAVE SOME READING CERTIFICATES TO SEND OUT TO THESE READERS. Continue your PE activities, there are also more websites you can try on the front page of the School Closure section of the website. Keep going Class 3, I am so pleased with you all.

Hi Class 3, good start to this weeks work, lots of progression on Doodle Maths! Parents, I am just writing on here because, next week you will need a few things for their English work, 

  • paper/plastic cups
  • card board tubes (toilet roll, kitchen roll) 
  • bottle tops
  • variety of paint colours 
  • gold/silver glitter (if you can’t get gold or silver other colours will be fine 😄) 
  • black paper (white paper can work, if you can’t get black) 
  • Glue 
  • coloured paper (just a variety of different colours) 

Please don’t worry if you can’t get these things, I know in these times it is hard, I just thought I would let you know in advance, so you are prepared :)


Thank you 

Miss Edwards :)

VE Day Extra activities-also see the front page of THE SCHOOL CLOSURE SECTION-for more VE DAY websites, activities and interactive actvities to take part in this week.

Good Morning Class 3, WB 4.5.20-It was lovely to see so many of Class 3 on Friday taking part in the Scavenger Hunt, I will be looking to do another Zoom activity in a couple of weeks, so if you have anything in particular that you would like to do, all ideas are welcome!!! This weeks work is up on here and on Doodle Maths-English-you are focusing on POSTCARDS-Writing a Postcard from space-there is a clip to watch that links to one of my favourite texts-The Day the Crayons Came Home-use this to support your Postcard writing. I have also attached templates and resources to support your writing. Maths-Money focus-there are a variety of challenges on Doodle Maths to take part in-also I would love you to set up your own shop and use this everyday-ideas for your shop are on your Year group Weekly Plan. Science-completing our fifth page on our plant diary-final section-next week we will be summing this investigation up. PE continue some fun activities-going on walks, bike rides, obstacle cources in your back garden, ball activities etc... ALSO THIS WEEK IS VE DAY-FRIDAY 8TH MAY-CELEBRATING THE 75TH ANNIVERSARY-ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE SCHOOL CLOSURE SECTION OF THE WEBSITE THERE ARE A VARIETY OF ACTIVITIES YOU CAN TAKE PART IN. Hope you all have a lovely week, keep up the hard work, I am so proud of you all!!!

Morning Class 3! WB 27.4.20-This weeks English work is about Space poetry-Read the space poems provided and spot the patterns in these poems-there is a support sheet to remind you of the poetry patterns, then you will create your own space themed poem (all the infomration is on your year group weekly plan) Continue reading and learning your spellings. Maths-All measures focused this week-activities linking to capacity, weight and length-some to do practically and some to do on Doodle Maths challenges. Continue with your plant diary. Continue to do some sporting activities this week-either using the websites, playing football in your back garden, skipping, riding your bike or creating your own circuit challenges. Miss you all, but you are working so hard :) Parents if your haven't sent me a message via the contact form you won't have recieved Class 3's reward for last week, please just send e a little message via the contact form and i will email you back your childs reward :) Miss Edwards

Hope you all had a lovely week last week! Here’s a few things I got up to, I did some late night star gazing and spotted the planet Venus, enjoyed the nice weather in my garden and on walks and I did the 5k running challenge!

Happy Friday everyone! I would just like to say well done to everyone this week on their hard work :) 

If you get a chance over the weekend to send me your emails via the contact form, would love to send a little something to Class 3 for their hard work! 


Miss Edwards 

22.4.20 Morning, I noticed there were a couple of the challenges, that I set on Monday not showing on Doodle Maths, so I have reset them, so they should show up now, they all link to shape, and are the same ones I set on your weekly plan! PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THEY DON’T SHOW 😀 Also this week the sky is clear and at night you should be able to see the planet Venus, 🌕 last night this is the photo I got, tonight you could stay up a bit later and see if you can spot it, then tomorrow have a little lie in before doing your work :)

WB 20.4.20-Morning Class 3, Here is your work for this week, please click on your Year group for your activities for the week. This weeks focus in English is to write your own space adventure story-I have attatched support sheets to help with this-VCOP posters have also been attatched to help you with your vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation (There is a section in your workbook for your space story). Maths-Shape-2D and 3D-complete some activities at home and some activities are set on Doodle Maths (There are a few that didn't go on Doodle maths last week or the previous week, it is really important that you do this, if you are struggling or having any issues, please contact me and I will help you) Science is to continue your plant diary. PE continue with the websites I have given you, or becuase the weather is going to be nice this week you could design your own obstacle course for you and your family to take part-egg and spoon races, water activities, bike ride etc... make the most of the nice weather. Continue to read and record this in your reading rockets. If you did your spelling tests last week please let me know how you are getting on, I have attatched new spellings for this week. Hope you all have a lovley week :) enjoy the sunshine. Miss Edwards

Hope you have all had a good week! Here’s some things I’ve been up to! I’ve been enjoying the sunshine, I did a charity disco night from my living room for the CDA NHS fundraiser event, some more baking and I celebrated my birthday! I will upload this weeks work tomorrow! I would love to know how you are all getting on, I’ve heard from a few parents this week and it has brightened my days hearing how Class 3 are getting on!

WB 13.4.20 I have attached Class 3's weeks work-please click on the correct year group for this weeks activities, they are focusing on fractions in maths (we have done fractions last half term so hopefully this is no problem, but please email me if you are stuck with anything) English is focusing on a space adventure story, this will also link to next weeks English work (I have attached a word mat containing adjectives, adverbs and verbs to help with tehir description writing), Science is to continue to complete their plant diary-remember to put the date, a diagram, a description and measure your plant, PE is various activities from the resource list in your book, new spellings are attatched, if you would like to feedback how they are getting on, that would be great :) there are some homework sheets for SPAG and Maths in the back of their work books (these are just for extra activities, please don't worry if you don't have time for them) and KIRFS (maths key skills) are on the Class 3 page, I attatched a post it note for which KIRFS they are on. Hope you all had a lovley Easter weekend, and please feel free to contact me using the email link if you need any support or have any questions. Miss Edwards :)

I woke up this morning to find this event is happening tomorrow live-Tuesday 14th April! It links to our school closure space topic, all the information is on the poster attached. It says 8 and over but I think all of class 3 should manage the level, and I think it could be something different to do, just another activity option for you to try at home.

Hi class 3, HAPPY EASTER!!! Parents and Guardians, I have reordered this page so the latest information is at the top, I just think that way it’ll be easier for you to follow and saves scrolling all the way to the bottom! I hope you are all having a lovely Easter weekend! I will put this upcoming weeks work on tomorrow for you all to see. Here are just a few photos of what I have been up to this week, from going on walks, bbqs in the garden and a little Easter hunt, see if you can spot the Easter bunny in the photos.

I know over the next week you might be doing some Easter activities... here’s a few fun ideas I’ve found that you could try at home... from Easter egg decorating ideas, Easter card designs, chocolate egg nests, peg bunnies, potato printing, Easter window sun catchers, Easter picnic ideas and Easter egg hunt clues you could use at home!! Have fun and take lots of photos

Hi Class 3! Hope the first week of your Easter holidays has been going well! I have been missing you all, I’ve been trying to keep busy, so I thought I would share a few things I’ve been doing...

Hi class 3, I just want to say well done for all of your hard work last week, lots of progress on doodle maths!! I am very proud of you all, a special well done to you parents, you are doing an amazing job!! Sotoday (30.3.20) is the start of your Easter holidays! I know they are going to be different to how you imagined, but you can still have lots of fun!! So now you are onto your Easter pack that I sent home with you, it has lots of fun activities in and some maths and SPAG challenges to have a go at!! I have also added some little extra fun activities you can do (these are optional, but I think you would have a lot of fun trying them out) if you want to send me any photos of you doing various activities, I would love to see your decorated eggs and any scavenger hunt finds, you can email them to me using the contact form! Missing you all, but I know you will have lots of fun over the next two weeks :) Miss Edwards

Chester zoo are doing live talks today, one an hour! You could make top trump cards for each animal and play them with your family! I know how much class 3 like animals!

Hi everyone,

I've had a message about Purple mash crashing a few times, if Class 3 can't get on Purple Mash, they can create a power point presentation or make a poster on word. Or if they want to go outside the box and enjoy the weather, they could film a presentation outside-sharing their information. It is just a way for them to share their information about Neil Armstrong in another way. Hope this helps. :) If the Purple mash link isn't working try just typing then going on Bowness on Solway primary school login.


Miss Edwards :)

Here are some fun challenges to have a go over the next week. When we are back I would love to see some photos and videos of what you did. Miss Edwards :)

Hi Class 3, I am missing you all.

Hope you are all enjoying the weather and playing in your gardens! Maybe you could do some water art, by getting a paint brush and a cup of water and painting some water pictures on the ground, see if you can make any space artwork outside!

Keep up the hard work :)

Miss Edwards

This is Class 3's work for WB 23.3.20, whilst we are not in school their topic is Space Adventure, and their work will link to this topic. This work is for the whole week so take your time with it all. I explained to Class 3 sections in their packs for this week. Each year group has slightly different activities, so make sure you are selecting the correct plan :) If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact me.