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Bowness Book Week

Have a look at our class page, as well as the home school page, for a whole wealth of activities you can do this World Book Day!



We hope you have had a lovely and restful time. Now we head into our new topics- Let's see how we get on.


Did you count stars?

Last night I huddled up in layers and went outside to count the stars within the constellation of Orion. I could only count 14 stars- They say that 10 or less has a high level of Light Pollution- Whereas 30 stars is great visibility. 

Did you have a go? Why not see what you have and then send in the results.


Monday Zoom at 10:30

Please wear cosy pj’s / onesies/ slippers etc. Bring a torch, led lights, sit in a darkened room- somewhere comfy. Bring a book that you want to tell us about- and we’ll listen to blurbs and read some more of Brightstorm. Hot chocolate is optional!

Counting Stars!

Are you ready to count some stars? Follow the link and then share your results.

RSPB Great British Bird watch 2021

Did you join in this weekend gone? 

Did you find anything exciting?

We'll continue to keep an eye out at school too!

If you did take part- don't forget to log in your data on the RSPB website.

This next weekend why don't you join in with the Great British Bird watch. Just spend an our over the weekend recording as many birds as you can see in your garden.

We have signed up at school too! So...binoculars at the ready....!

Class 4's Fantastic Work

Reading at Home

We all know how reading takes us on journeys to imaginary places- as well as a host of other fabulous reasons to read- and so I'm now going to point you in the direction of some new available reading materials.

Class 4 have been signed up for '' and '' as part of your English lessons- But are also websites which are full of access to books- These include ebooks, comics, videos, fiction, non fiction plus games and activities. So if you haven't got a physical book in hand- then you now have the ability to find something to read- Let's see where it might take you!



These are some links to lots of different books and stories online:

(A google drive with 100s of books on it)

(hyperlinks to lots of book resources)


Homeschool January 2021

Welcome back to homeschooling!

Please use these pages to find any work set, some boredom busters and some chit chat from me in our Class Chronicles page.

Our Zoom lessons will be held each day and invites will be sent out for you to take part.

Monday 10.30 and I:30 pm, Tuesday 2 pm, Wednesday 2pm, Thursday 1pm (My Zoom lessons)

All other resources, schedules and extra information will be shown on these pages. If you haven't got access to a printer then all of the work can still be just written in your home school exercise book. You will need access to pens, pencils, paper and your books for the zoom lessons.

I would love to see your work so please try to send a photograph of your work via email or upload your work onto Edmodo if at all possible. I will also be uploading information onto Edmodo, Doodle, purple mash and readtheory.

Our topic this half term is SPACE



Doodle Maths:

Purple Mash:


Just remember -we've got this!

The Last week of Term.

Harry Potter Week

Check out the Bloomsbury and the Wizarding world websites for fun ideas.

Author Live- New Book: Wonderscape!

Check out the fabulous interview with Jennifer Bell about her new book set 400 years in the future- where online games are reality.

A fantastic listen- with some very helpful tips for writing your own stories.

World Rainforest Day

Check out these websites for some more information.

Rainforest Alliance

For quizzes, facts and crafts

World Rainforest Day

Rainforest  activities



Morning Maths!

Fancy some Maths Challenges? Then follow the link to 'Miss Quinn on You tube'.

World Ocean Day on Monday- Why not Dress up in Blue!

Summer Term 2

Hello- This week is a special week- for some of you we'll be seeing you in school- and for others it will be another week of home school. However it's a new half term and so we should be starting a new topic. In fact we'll be having lots of mini topics as we head towards the summer break. We are starting this week with # 30 Days Wild!



Make your own miniature book

Looking for something extra to do? The BRITISH LIBRARY have some excellent instructions about making your own miniature book.

Read this page by 'Literacy with Mrs P' who gives you some great ideas

Then link up to the British Library Webpage to see how you can do it.

There's a lovely little video of a miniature book being read too.

Then share your miniature book via Edmodo or email.

Keeping Moving and Learning

Just sharing some fun links to keep you moving. I tried out the Mountain bike one yesterday. It was pretty funny watching me pretend to be on a mountain bike in my living room! This is a fun maths and movement activity This is the mountain bike challenge This is a boxing/ combat one.


There's some more keeping active ideas on our main Home School webpage.



The Review Competition was won by Maisie, for her review on The Secret Garden by F.H.Burnett. Well done

All reviews will be added to a new illustrated class review book for our reading corner.


Are you Reading?

Looking for something to read whilst you are at home? There is a new FREE book out called 'The Book of Hopes' by children's authors and available in the link below/


If you like listening to books 'Audible stories' is FREE and is full of Children's book that you can download and listen to-  things such a 'Kid Normal', 'Harry Potter' or a book about Harry Kane!


Another FREE book to down load is 'How Not to Go to School' - A funny book written especially for these times when we are all Home Schooling.


Meanwhile keep reading- Send me some photos of what you're reading and where! I shall have a competition this next week- Watch out for details!

Keep Hanging in There!


Another Week of Home School- Keep Smiling

Refreshed and Ready?


Do you want to carry on and learn a language whilst we are off school?

I have found some great websites that have power points, videos, games and lesson ideas. 

Any queries, just give me a shout.

Thanks Georgina for the recommendation!





Hello Class 4- I hope you had a relaxing Easter Holiday and are feeling refreshed ready for the next Home School week. Check out Edmodo for little messages and snippets as well as our pages on here.Have a look at our classroom Chronicles before heading to our work pages. Don't forget to keep in touch via the email or Edmodo. I'd love to see some of the work and fun stuff you have been up to.

Miss G

 Home Learning 

Hello and welcome to our class 4 home learning page. During the time we are not at school I will be posting regular work and updates for us to follow.

We are continuing our 'Botanicals' topic and move slowly into our new topic of 'Our Planet' You will find a weekly schedule in the sub page above. Please take note that is work is for the whole week- Don't rush it and take your time.

Each week new schedules of activities will be posted. 

There are some differences for each year group so make sure you check the tasks carefully.

Keep checking this and other pages for updates as I will be adding interesting items as I find them.


Please remember too that during these uncertain times we want you to also enjoy your time at home. Get out and grab some fresh air, spend some quality time with your family, chat, play some games, garden, bake- whatever you do, keep smiling.


  If you have any questions or concerns or just want to keep in touch, please don't hesitate to contact me using the contact form.

Hello Class 4

Hope you're all doing well- Check out the new content for the Easter holidays above. Keep getting in touch, just to say 'Hello'.

Miss G



Hello Class 4.

How are you all doing. How has your first week of home schooling been? Its a genuine question- Was there too much or too little work? Anything you did not understand? Anything you would like to see more of? Less of?

If you let me know what you and your parents think and then I will try and tailor the next lot of work to suit. This is all a bit of a learning curve for us all and so we will try and work our way through it the best we can.

As time goes on I will move items from this page and put them into the other class pages- so if you cant find it have a look elsewhere.

Anyway, as its now the start of the Easter holidays there wont be any work set until the 14th April- so  2 weeks off to do lots of fun things- You might want to test your spellings tomorrow- but that's about it- I'll be adding lots of things to the Class Chronicles page and the Boredom Busters page- to see what things I have been up to and set some fun challenges. Keep checking in to see what's new.

 Miss G :)