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Our Locality 2015

Thursday 2nd July sees Class 4 making willow fish and Class 3 upcycling 2 litre plastic bottles in to exotic fish! Class 3's haaf net is finished, too!

Wednesday 1st July. Today we painted on fabric with a visiting artist, made salt and paint mountain pictures, created both colourful and graphic black and white sea creatures and splattered paint for our display.

Tuesday 30th June 2015. Class 3 went down to the beach/marsh to complete sand art. They created various seaside themed creatures, fish, dolphin, crabs, shark and a jelly fish. At school there was clay work, fence cross stitch, weaving and foam sea creatures!

Monday 29th June and Art Week has begun with stained glass windows on our own St Michael's, haaf net weaving, hand print fish and sea creatures galore!