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Spring Term 1

Spring Term 1 and 2 Curriculum Letter

Welcome back! We have had a great first day back. Writing our Christmas news, introducing our new topic and answering some key questions about Robots.

In English this week (WB 21.1.20) we have been looking at instructions-we had to order instructions and follow a set of instructions to make some shortbread robot biscuits.

This week (WB 20.1.20) we wrote our own instructions to make a robot out of card board-some got a chance to go into our Robot Factory and try oput their instructions.

Exploring pneumatics in DT

Everyone enjoyed finding out how we could make things move using air pressure. We explored a range of tubes, syringes, bottles and balloons. Great fun!

27.1.20-Today Year 3 were exploring capacity using lentils-they had to estimate and measure accurately.


Today we were giving specific instructions to our robot whilst learning about algorithms. Then we had to try and debug them!

Class 3 have been exploring play scripts, today we performed them to each other. We can't wait to watch them.