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Summer Term 1 2018

This half term our topic is Prrehistory. It is also a really busy half term with lots going on, including SATs for the Year 2. We are looking forward to keeping up the hard work.

This morning we got chance to reflect on our thoughts outside doing different activities.

We had a lovely time celebrating the Royal Wedding.

This afternoon Class 3 enjoyed a game of football, using all the skills we have learnt this half term.

Today we explored the Human Body-skeleton and organs.

Our focus in Science this half term is The Human Body. Todayu 24.4.18, we looked at how to keep a healthy lifestyle through hygiene, exercise and a balanced diet. Class 3 looked at washing our hands properly, completing a fitness activity and sorting foods into groups, looking at the nutritional information.

Class have had a great first week back after Easter. We have been learning all about the time. We have also been creating our own dinosaur raps, I am sure they will be happy to share them with you.