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Summer Term 1 2021

17.05.21-Today to finish off our materials week we made ice cream, we started off with a liquid and ended up with our solid. It tasted good too.

11.5.21-We had a science activity afternoon, each teacher led a science based materials/state of matter activity and all the children visited each station. Miss Edwards looked at solid and liquid and made oobleck.

11.5.21-Continuing with Science week, today Class 3 looked at reversible and irreversible changes using heating and cooling.

10.5.21-Today was the start of Science week. We had a visit from Professor Pumpernickel, he showed us a variety of investigations and experiments. We had a lot of fun.

WB-19.4.21-This week we were reciting a poem in Class 3, it was called The Dinosaur Rap. Each group came up with their own actions for the poem.

In Science we are exploring The Human Body-This week we focused on A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE-We sorted out foods into groups, did some exercise to see how it made our body feel and we looked at hand washing.