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This is where I can keep in touch with everyone while we're not in school. I'll be posting photos and snippets about my time in lockdown.


Enjoying the great Cumbrian weather!

We also went puddle jumping today, it was loads of fun!

24th Jan: This week I've been getting creative in the kitchen! Burns night is coming up soon, so I bought some haggis. Who's tried haggis?

I made some haggis and potato patties and some pork and haggis sausage rolls - yum! Have a look-

31st Jan: Can you believe it's the end of January?! Out and about on our walks this weeks we've seen the first signs of spring peeping through. We saw our first snowdrops. I love seeing them at this time of year, it's like a glimpse that Spring is on it's way.

We also took part in the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch count this weekend where you have to count the birds that land in your garden and send the RSPB your results. There weren't many birds in  our garden when we counted someone must have told them all to hide!

I hope you're having some fun out there.

7th February - We've been out for lots of walks this week; rediscovering some old favourites.


21 February 2021

We've been busy this week, have you? Maybe you had a chilled week instead. Whatever you did I hope you had fun doing it!

We tried to make some eggshell geodes they look quite pretty I think. We also made some pancake art - something my boys have wanted to do for a while. And of course we've still been out on our walks - going further than ever! Oh and we found a birds nest on one of our walks too!