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Dinner Money

As you know, we value our kitchen and love the fact that we can have fresh, hot dinners every day made on site and served by staff who know our children very well.  Therefore the school has always paid part of the costs and will continue to do so.  Our caterers charge the school £2:56 for every meal, with the Government giving us £2:30 per meal to cover the cost of free meals (including infant free meals).  As you can see, the school has always supplemented the cost for parents as we want the food to be of a high quality but we need to be financially stable.  As our school budget decreases each year due to council budget cuts and the small school meal supplements are no longer given, we will have to raise the price of school meals to £2:10 a meal (£10:50 a week) beginning next week.  We have renegotiated a price with the caterers (£2:43 a meal) and so feel we can maintain our current service with this small rise.  I hope you will support us in this.  


Meals are prepared in the school kitchenThe cook is Ms Leanne Brady.  Every effort is made to meet individual dietary requirements -  if your child has a specific dietary requirement please notify the school office in writing.


The menus (see below) are on a three weekly cycle.

Dinner Money, £2.10 per day, is paid every Monday morning.  Children who are absent on this day should bring it as soon as they return to school.  Meals paid for but not taken, owing to absence, are credited to the following week.

Some children do not take school dinners and provision is made for those who wish to do so to bring a packed lunch. Packed lunches should be brought to school in secure containers, labelled with the child’s name, and with appropriate food hygiene precautions taken, such as an ice pack.

Water is made available, but you may prefer to supply a drink. Any drinks supplied should be in plastic flasks or bottles or other safe containers. Cans or glass should not be brought, nor fizzy drinks or sweets.

Please can parents who wish their children to change their lunchtime arrangements, where possible, give a week's notice to the School Office..



Currently all Infant children (Reception, Year 1 and 2) are entitled to free school meals.  If you feel your family may be entitled to free school meals it is still worth applying as you could then receive further benefits such as uniform grants.  The forms can be printed off from our website, the County Council Website or are available in the school office - for further information contact school.


The School Council have surveyed every child in the school about school meals after a meeting with the school meal provider, Orian, and after Easter the new school dinner menus, designed by the School Council will be introduced.