• Reading & Phonics

Reading & Phonics

Phonics is about the relationship between letters and sounds in a language so learning phonics helps children to read and spell.  If written language is like a code, knowing the sounds of letters and letter combinations will help your child decode words as they read and will help them know the right letters to use when they are writing.  At Bowness-on-Solway, we use Letters and Sounds with some adaptations in line with the new National Curriculum.

Of course phonics instruction is only one part of a complete reading program for beginning readers. Effective beginning reading programs also emphasise reading fluency, vocabulary development and text comprehension - there is no point in reading if we don't understand what we are reading!

We subscribe to Supersonic Phonic Friends which has been validated by the DfE as a preferred scheme of work. Alongside this, we provide children with books and resources from a range of sources including the Oxford Reading Tree, Jelly and Bean and Big Cat Phonics. This is in order to offer a variety of reading experiences including opportunities for prediction and sight vocabulary as well as 'decoding' practice using phonic skills.  Our books are all categorised and colour coded to ensure progression with new books incorporated carefully to maximise progression.